Build models that get used

Empower stakeholders to participate in project definition using interactive flowcharts

Why rizome?

Rizome will increase the impact of data science at your company

Made for Data Science

Easy-to-use flowcharts guide requirements gathering using data science best practices

Improve ROI

Collaboration features empower stakeholders to participate so the right models get built and used

Easy Project Handoffs

Digestible documentation helps anyone to find, understand, and trust existing models



Empower stakeholders to participate in project definition using visual frameworks

Comment threads

Transact directly on each piece of the project requirements to gain alignment

Live editing

Work synchronously and see changes as they happen


Maintain a history of your plan as you experiment and iterate


We want to help data science meet its full potential

Taylor Laubach


Taylor has spent years designing  tools for Data Scientists (and learning to train models). He brings a methodical approach to ideation, finding elegant solutions to problems and ensuring clarity across complex features.

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Melissa Federoff


Melissa has spent thousands of hours listening to people who use the products she works on. She brings deep empathy to understanding users and advocating for them, ensuring our ideas are grounded in data.

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Duncan McIsaac


Duncan, our technical leader, channels his expertise into building systems that support human progress. He focuses on stability because enduring progress requires a dependable and trustworthy foundation.

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