Photo of Melissa's face

Melissa Federoff


Melissa has spent thousands of hours listening to people who use the products she works on. From video games to technical enterprise software, from Microsoft to Salesforce to Citrix to Okta. She brings deep empathy to understanding users and advocating for them, ensuring our ideas and features are grounded in reliable data. LinkedIn

Photo of Taylor's face

Taylor Laubach


Taylor has spent the past couple of years designing technical tools for Data Scientists (and learning to train models). He brings a methodical approach to ideation, finding elegant solutions to problems and ensuring clarity across complex features. LinkedIn

Our Name

Rizome is named after "mycorrhizae". These fascinating fungal networks connect tree roots. They allow the trees to communicate about threats and to share water, sugar, and other nutrients. Trees wouldn't normally be able to share information or resources, but mycorrhizae make it possible!

In our work, we've observed how difficult it can be for technical and non-technical stakeholders to share information and resources. We hope Rizome can bring them together.